E-commerce business SEO is imperative for better online visibility of your store in the search engine result pages (SERPs). According to a study, 39% of eCommerce traffic drives by search engines, emphasizing the importance of SEO. E-commerce demands the need for an effective strategy leading to desired results. Search Engine Optimization helps your website reach the top spots in Google results, transforming your business into a well-known one. Consulting an expert in local SEO in Houston can help you maximize the profitability of your website. Using simple yet effective strategies implemented on your website can make a vast difference.


What is E-commerce SEO?


eCommerce SEO is the process of improving online visibility by increasing the quantity and quality of eCommerce website traffic that comes from targeted SEO strategies. When we say quality, we mean how likely a visitor acts on your services and becomes a loyal customer of your business. Getting an influx of traffic can be easy, but if that traffic isn’t transacting, it’s not targeted or high-quality. Consulting with a professional local SEO expert can help you decide the best solution.


Importance of E-commerce SEO

Increase Lead Quality

E-commerce SEO helps in increasing website traffic for desired transactions. Many times, e-commerce websites receive traffic that is not confident to purchase on your website. You can leverage SEO to pinpoint what those consumers want and provide them with the knowledge they need to purchase a product or service.

Lasts Longer

Organic search results from SEO strategies last longer than paid campaigns, generating long-term SEO benefits for your business. The longer you hold the top position in Google search results, the more your CTC, and your conversion rate will generate. Though SEO is an ongoing process, it needs expert monitoring and constant iterations. Long-term SEO contributes to augmenting other marketing campaigns responsible for strengthening your overall marketing efforts. SEO gives you first–hand information to develop more effective retargeting ads and marketing messages.

Ecommerce Statistics

  • 93% of all internet activities start with a search engine (Search Engine Journal)

  • Before making a purchase, 81% of online buyers prefer to conduct in-depth research (Millimetric)

  • 70% to 80% of search engine users do not pay attention to paid advertisements (SMA Marketing)

  • In 2020, American customers spent about $710 billion on stores (eMarketer)

  • According to a recent survey, search traffic accounted for 65% of all eCommerce sessions (Statista)



Successful online stores rely on high-quality customers, usually achievable through various marketing and advertising methods, such as social media and paid search engine ads, etc. Understanding SEO best practices is imperative to transform and unlock the power of eCommerce business. Building an effective search engine optimization strategy is beneficial. Consulting with an expert can help you devise a solid strategy to stay afloat in the competitive market.